Your chances of being audited by the IRS are one in 175. Your chances of becoming president of the U.S. are one in 10,000,000. Your chances of winning the Megabucks Slot Machine Jackpot are one in 50 million. Your chances of giving birth to two sets of identical twins at once?

Seventy million to one, which is right up there with, well…someone has to win the lottery, right?

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A woman in Houston, Texas has four baby boys to crow about, which for just about any parent would be an event unto itself. But now 36-year-old Tressa Montalvo can add “had two sets of identical twins” to her bucket list.

Montalvo and her husband, Manuel Montalvo, Jr., say they weren’t using fertility drugs, and that the planned pregnancy “just succeeded a little too much,” reports Reuters. At 10 weeks, doctors told her…

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