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Nearly half of Canadians say they do not support the Idle No More movement and more than half of those with First Nations ancestry share the sentiment, a new poll suggests.

A poll conducted by Forum Research for the National Post found that among those Canadians who were aware of the grassroots movement, 49% said they did not support it. Just 39% of those surveyed said they supported Idle No More, and 12% said they didn’t know.

Lorne Bozinoff, the president of Forum, said that recent demonstrations have shone the spotlight on Idle No More and First Nations issues, but have not led to widespread support for the movement.

“They do have some level of sympathy among the Canadian population, but not for the things they are actually doing, such as the blockades,” he said. “And if they do more of those things it could erode the support for their…

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