Story – Profile of Dr. Sheridan Cyrus’ Dentist office (CO108T)

Interview with Chantel from Dr. Sheridan Cyrus’ Dentistry

Dr. Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry began as a small practice in 1990 and its’ size has grown tremendously over the years stemming from the company’s ever growing role within the community of Malvern.

He is also on the board of directors for a program within the community called ABLE (Association of Black Law Enforcers).

Chantel a Dentist has been working for Dr. Cyrus for just over four years now reflected on the history of crime within Malvern saying “I think there’s crime in a lot of different communities. This community being Malvern, there has been two fatal shootings this year. One at the barber shop on New Years and one on Hupfield.” A park only a few minutes away from the dentist office.

“The way it did affect our office is that a lot of people who are affected by the shooting are apart of the community who come to this office, so there’s a lot of people who felt the loss of the man who had passed away and a lot of those patients got a lot of their information by even being able to come to the office and watch the news and see what’s going on and being able to rally together to hold the candle light vigil”.

Though there have been many shootings over the years she said, “I thought before live here, it would be a lot higher (crime), but it doesn’t seem as much as I expected.”

Speaking of Dr. Cyrus, she said she does not know of any specific awards he has received, but she knows that he has been recognized for the work he has done within the community. “A lot of the clients that do come here come because they know that he’s active within the community.”

Among the employees are many ethnic backgrounds ranging from English, Tamil, Cantonese, Mandarin, Amharic and many more.

The company also sponsors a number of family and community organizations including: Grenada Boys, Jamaica Ex – Soldiers Association, Malvern Youth Community Employment, Scarborough National Soccer Club, St. Barnabas Catholic Church, The Alliance of Guyana and many more.

Both Dr. Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry and Malvern Family resource center have been negotiating plans to merge the two businesses under the same roof because many of the patients that attend the resource center are also patients of Dr. Cyrus’ dentist office.

Visit Dr. Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry’s website here:


Taken Nov. 28, 2012 by Andre Ward: Display board for Dentist Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry Professional Corp.


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