MCA – Malvern Christian Assembly CO108T

Another worker from Dr. Sheridan Cyrus’ Dentist office when asked about the crime rate in Malvern also said that she is also new to the area and hasn’t seen as much crime in recent years, but she has heard that in passed years the crime in Malvern was extremely high.

A part of the reason for the decreasing crime rate in Malvern is because of the outreach programs that have been organized in order to keep young persons off of the street.

A few of the neighboring organizations have gathered together to help keep young persons off the “streets” by trying to get them involved in community activities and offering them help with things like employment . This is a huge for why the crime rate in Malvern has been decreasing.

Malvern Christian Assembly, located on 6705 Sheppard Avenue East is a church which offers many programs for youth such as Prayer Meeting, Men’s Soccer, and Ladies Bible study. It began in September 1981. Now in 2012, the church holds a membership of over 1500 persons from over 45 different nationalities.

They meet at the church every Sunday for worship and accept  visitors.

To learn more visit their website here:


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