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Over the years, the Malvern constituency has been plagued by gang related crime. Though these are problems which Malvern has faced for a very long time, there are still people who have been fighting to keep it safe, by offering their time and money towards youth and youth and social related programs which try and help steer people in the right path by offering services which will open doors to further opportunity.

Programs that are trying to do this is Dr. Sheridan Cyrus’ Dentistry at Neilson Rd. and Malvern Family, Women’s Resource center in Malvern Mall and Malvern Christian Assembly. Here’s a look at some of the things they have been doing over the years.


MCA – Malvern Christian Assembly CO108T

Another worker from Dr. Sheridan Cyrus’ Dentist office when asked about the crime rate in Malvern also said that she is also new to the area and hasn’t seen as much crime in recent years, but she has heard that in passed years the crime in Malvern was extremely high.

A part of the reason for the decreasing crime rate in Malvern is because of the outreach programs that have been organized in order to keep young persons off of the street.

A few of the neighboring organizations have gathered together to help keep young persons off the “streets” by trying to get them involved in community activities and offering them help with things like employment . This is a huge for why the crime rate in Malvern has been decreasing.

Malvern Christian Assembly, located on 6705 Sheppard Avenue East is a church which offers many programs for youth such as Prayer Meeting, Men’s Soccer, and Ladies Bible study. It began in September 1981. Now in 2012, the church holds a membership of over 1500 persons from over 45 different nationalities.

They meet at the church every Sunday for worship and accept  visitors.

To learn more visit their website here:

Story – Profile of Dr. Sheridan Cyrus’ Dentist office (CO108T)

Interview with Chantel from Dr. Sheridan Cyrus’ Dentistry

Dr. Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry began as a small practice in 1990 and its’ size has grown tremendously over the years stemming from the company’s ever growing role within the community of Malvern.

He is also on the board of directors for a program within the community called ABLE (Association of Black Law Enforcers).

Chantel a Dentist has been working for Dr. Cyrus for just over four years now reflected on the history of crime within Malvern saying “I think there’s crime in a lot of different communities. This community being Malvern, there has been two fatal shootings this year. One at the barber shop on New Years and one on Hupfield.” A park only a few minutes away from the dentist office.

“The way it did affect our office is that a lot of people who are affected by the shooting are apart of the community who come to this office, so there’s a lot of people who felt the loss of the man who had passed away and a lot of those patients got a lot of their information by even being able to come to the office and watch the news and see what’s going on and being able to rally together to hold the candle light vigil”.

Though there have been many shootings over the years she said, “I thought before live here, it would be a lot higher (crime), but it doesn’t seem as much as I expected.”

Speaking of Dr. Cyrus, she said she does not know of any specific awards he has received, but she knows that he has been recognized for the work he has done within the community. “A lot of the clients that do come here come because they know that he’s active within the community.”

Among the employees are many ethnic backgrounds ranging from English, Tamil, Cantonese, Mandarin, Amharic and many more.

The company also sponsors a number of family and community organizations including: Grenada Boys, Jamaica Ex – Soldiers Association, Malvern Youth Community Employment, Scarborough National Soccer Club, St. Barnabas Catholic Church, The Alliance of Guyana and many more.

Both Dr. Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry and Malvern Family resource center have been negotiating plans to merge the two businesses under the same roof because many of the patients that attend the resource center are also patients of Dr. Cyrus’ dentist office.

Visit Dr. Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry’s website here:


Taken Nov. 28, 2012 by Andre Ward: Display board for Dentist Sheridan Cyrus Dentistry Professional Corp.

Story 1 – Profile of Malvern Women’s Place / Family Resource Center CO108T

The Malvern Family Resource Center is located behind Malvern Town Center on Neilson Rd. and has been in operation since 1983 (29 years), While Women’s Place has been operating for fifteen years since 1997.


Taken Nov. 27, 2012 by Andre Ward: Women’s Place Schedule display board

“Do you happen to know when this place was started ?

“Well, Malvern Family Resource Center has been in operation for 29 years and women’s place department has been in operation for 15 years next year. The agency itself is 29 years old and women’s place is 15.”

How many women per year, on average?

“Registered women we have currently about 985 women registered, so our goal is to have about 1000 women registered for the year, if not more”.

“Actual tenants? I believe last year we had about 14000, off the top of my head.”

What do women usually come in here for ?

“We have women coming in for a variety of reasons. We have women coming in looking for, you know, they may be crisis, so they may be looking for shelters, food banks, community counseling and a variety of reasons. We have women coming in looking just for resources and information we have women who want to come in and develop certain skills, so they may want to use a computer, learn how to use a computer for example and they may want to participate in the conversation in the English classes that we have. Like I said, we have a variety of self help programs, so that might be doing a variety of programs this year from things like public speaking, financial literacy, starting your own business, so really, we’d develop a calendar every month, so they can pick and choose what programs or services they’re interested in attending and so they register for those.”

“We also do special events, so we usually celebrate International Women’s Day. The passed two years we’ve had an annual symposium for women that’s been very successful”

We usually celebrate, or we recognize, wounds prevention month, so usually special events in the women’s calendar well highlight and we’ll do some sort of special event.”

How many women attend those programs?

“And really again depends. International Women’s day had about 80 and 100, and Symposium we had nearly 200 women. So really it depends on the space because that will let us know how many numbers we can have. So usually, I would say 75 to 200 at our events because it depends on the location.

Where do you usually hold these events?

“We’ve had our events at our youth center which is across the road at 1321 Neilson Rd. We’ve had events at the recreation center, Taibu, Community Health Center. So wherever we can get space we’ll access.”

“We’ve had some of the local schools, and used some of their space as well, so it depends”.


Taken Nov. 27, 2012 by Andre Ward – “Sexual health brochure display board”

Are you funded by the government?

We are a United Way Member agency, so we’re funded by the United Way of Greater Toronto and we’re also funded by the city and we have project funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Canadian mental health association. We also have CMHA.(Canadian Mental Health Association)

We have a policy, everyone is welcome. We have women of all ages, nationalities, cultures and Ethnicity. We have men coming into the center asking for information as well, so we don’t turn men away either, we do provide information. Obviously this is a women’s space, so we find that men are very respectful of that and we usually they come and ask for information here. Obviously, we don’t have Men’s programs on site, but we usually are able to refer or provide information. And we serve women of all ages from youth, to seventy, eighty years old. There is not age that doesn’t come into the center.

So, do you guys also help with finding employment?

“We have some services on site, so we have an employment counselor that comes once a week so women can make individual appointments to meet with the employment counselor. We also have a financial counselor that comes out from Credit Canada, so we can talk about financial literacy. We are really trying to develop the space where we have a lot more professionals come in and meet with women, so they don’t have leave the community, or the space that they’re comfortable, so we’re trying to develop the center into a hub. So that’s just a process we’re going through right now.”

The space here will be used so women can have individual one on one counseling, but we’ll also do different seminars and programs that won’t stop. We’re trying to add an additional layer to what we already provide.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve what we do. There are no boundaries for women. Women from any area can come into the center. We have boundaries through the ridings, but we accept women from Oshawa, Downtown, and the west end. A lot of women will come to the medical center for appointments and then they’ll come into the center and we don’t turn anyone away, so there are no boundaries.”
They serve men and women from across the GTA including Downtown all the way to Oshawa.


Taken Nov. 27, 2012 by Andre Ward – A shirt on display at the center. “Courage to fight back”.

It offers services to both women and men alike and are currently serving around 4000 women across the GTA.

Visit the Malvern Family Resource Centres’ website here:



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